Grey's Anatomy Discussion: Will you be watching season 6?

The news about season six of Grey's Anatomy has been a bit extremist lately. On the one hand, there's the really good news about who's staying, and the really bad news about who's leaving. So I'm sure for a lot of us, season six sounds bittersweet. For some, I'm sure, more bitter than sweet, and others more sweet than bitter, depending entirely on how you feel about the actors/characters involved.

I'd like to remind everyone that simply because an actor is leaving the show, that doesn't mean their characte's fate is sealed. It's entirely possible that George might survive and simply be written to leave the hospital. Then again, it's also entirely possible that it's bye bye forever.

Assuming you're in the bitter camp, will you still be tuning into the season six premiere to see what happens? Or are you officially done with the show? Are there some of you sitting on the fence? Drop your thoughts about season six in the comments!


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