Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #03-04 Review

At the very start of episode 3, we learn that Carina and Leicester have known each other for a very long time. The standard "childhood friends" thing. Back in the present now, we see the gang engaged in...nothing special. But it seems that Carina is very interested in Agnes' automatons, especially Tango's ability to talk, which gives Leicester an idea. While Carina has to go off and attend to her official duties (as the Duke's daughter, she has things to do), Leicester and Agnes hatch a little plan.

So, the entire group is off on a quest, a quest to find Black Rainbow Flowers, which are special flowers that soak up the light around them and glow with the colors of the rainbow. Because of their ability to soak up light, they also seem to attract crystite monsters, who prefer to stay in the shadows, so there is danger along with the beauty. Off they go by train, apparently the first time Minette has ever been on one (obviously). Once they reach the woods where they expect to find the flowers, Carina and Leicester take to the air, since Carina can use magic to fly, while the others go along on the ground. Of course, it must be time for a quick joke. Does one of the party members have a bad sense of direction? Why yes. Chelsea, who was already noted as having poor ability to read maps and find places, gets lost and separated from the rest of the group. The joke is double-played when the Tortilla Sisters, who have been tagging along spying on the Oasis group ever since they all got on the train, are themselves wandering around and Chelsea walks right behind them without even noticing.

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