Sacred Blacksmith - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Imperial Daughter -Princess"

Cecily and Aria don't seem to be having good luck lately and it's definitely not going well when the pair is attacked by a trio of black robed women. The two are being pursued until they reach an open square in which they try to defend themselves, though they do amusingly call out that such a fight is unfair with it being three against two. Unsurprisingly, two of the women back off to leave it to one of them, who removes her robe to reveal a pretty young and taut dark skinned woman who is all set to take Cecily. It take a bit of effort, more than it should, but Aria does convince Cecily to use her to fight them which starts of the true and earnest fight.

That the trio are using Demon Swords of their own ups the stakes a bit and leads to some decent fight sequences as various powers and abilities are used in combat with each other. The fights go on for a bit with each one getting progressively harder and there's an interesting idea with the last one in that she carries a Demon Sword that slays other Demon Swords. At the same time that this occurs, Luke and Lisa receive a visitor at their place in the form of a young girl named Chalotte who may be from the Empire going by the structure of her name. She's come to Luke in order to gain his help and that of his Demon Sword, but they have to go through a bit of a tussle first as she wields her own Demon Sword that's pretty powerful, both in sword and human form.

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