Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale Discussion

I hope everyon's strapped in, for season finale night is finally here! Grey's Anatomy concludes its fifth season tonight with its final two episodes, which are airing back-to-back on ABC. Don't forget to tune in for both! (As if you could forget!)

I'm opening the floor to thoughts, comments and questions about the finale, so feel free to drop your thoughts into the comment section. I'll keep the main post free of spoilers so everyone has a chance to catch up on the episode without worrying about seeing something they shouldn't. But the comments section will be laden with spoilers, so watch for those.

Tonight we should hopefully get some answers about what's happening with Izzie. Or, they might just leave us hanging all summer. I really hope not. Will Katherine Heigl leave? Will she survive through a medical miracle? I don't know! And T.R. Knight's George what will happen to him? We should hopefully have answers to that too.

MerDer should at least get their happily ever after. Well, I'm crossing my fingers for that.

If you've already seen the episode, drop your opinions into the comments and we'll see what everyone has to say!


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