Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 42 - Review: ''Everybody's Summer"

Maeno announces a training camp before the summer tournament. On her way home from practice, Aoba sees Akane at a station looking ill and walks her home. The day before the start of the camp Miyuki complains to Kou about Azuma and how he doesn't want any more rivals. Kou tells him just to go at his pace. Miyuki tells him he has a handicap since he won't be able to a ball at 160km/h. However he realizes when the tournament is over, everyone is on fair ground. Junpei introduces Ichiyo to his parents, and he's more nervous than Ichiyo even though she'll be doing all the talking. After Kou and Momiji play catch and Kou goes to fufill a "guy's promise" Ozaki comes to visit Aoba. Meanwhile everyone's got their own thing the day before the tournament. Akaishi bumps in a former teammate who despite saying he doesn't care about the team anymore tells him to do well and win against Ryuou. Senda decides to go to the batting center, where Azuma is already practicing. After a couple of bats, Azuma gives him some pointers to increase his batting average. Hiroko is busy spying on Ryuou, which Mishima welcomes. Aoba and Ozaki head to a baseball field because Ozaki isn't comfortable losing against Aoba and is bummed that she isn't joining in on the national team training. Ozaki wants to bat against Aoba again to confirm Aoba's pitching skills. Nakanishi's girlfriend competes in the prefectural track-and-field tournament but does not make it to the semi-finals. Nakanishi tells her that he'll take her to Koshien with the baseball team. Meanwhile Kou and Akaishi are at their secret training grounds doing what they did in middle school. Back with Aoba and Ozaki, when they get to a baseball field Aoba starts pitching and in the end strikes Ozaki out. Ozaki tells Aoba that her speed has increased since the last time they went up against each other. As they're heading back, Ozaki has if Aoba has any regrets choosing to not participate in the national team, and Aoba says she doesn't. The next day, the Seishuu training camp begins.

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