Rainbow Episode #03 Review

Life in the juvenile corrections facility is bad enough on its own with the way the guards are and prison life in general, but when you have the people you're stuck with taking you down a few notches more it's even harder. Friends are made in facilities like this that can last a lifetime, but sometimes it's easier to make enemies. With the pressures all around and the drab feeling of life being crushed out of you, you can find respite in taking others down.

And for some of them, the not knowing of what others are in there for is an easy exploit to work with. Even more so for this group that has found themselves tossed into the same cell as Sakuragi without knowing what it is that he's guilty of. Scam in particular seems to take particular pleasure in getting Sakuragi in trouble and sows some seeds of dissent among the group, even causing Cabbage to question whether the food Sakuragi is offering him can be had. Through word of mouth, Scam accuses him directly of being a murderer, something that sets Sakuragi off but not to the point of really going violent on Scam. It is enough to get the guard to take him into a private room though so he can beat the crap out of him. But even like this, there's something to Sakuragi that scares the guard with the way he looks at him, even after all this time.

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