Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Ep 8"

Kuroda's frustration with what Tatsumi is doing is like a very public outburst compared to how Murakoshi handled the way Tatsumi treated him. Murakoshi has had issues with him from the start because of their shared past, but Kuroda has been snapping at him because of that a bit and Tatsumi's style overall, which he feels is haphazard at best. He's got the belief in his head that Tatsumi doesn't really want to win since he keeps taking out the starting players that he feels want to win much more than anyone else, and him in particular. His leaving the practice has hardened him even more now that he has to sit out of the next game and watch from the stands, which gives him a very different perspective from what you see from the benches and on the field itself.

Which is important considering that Kuroda regularly says he's thinking of the big picture. All of the players are having their things to think through and we get to see an overview of some of it from Kuroda's perspective with Matsuhara sitting next to him. And we see it through Tatsumi who talks about it on the field where Macchan is really still not understanding it. The team has spent so long losing prior to this season that when they start to score and then get taken down a peg, or even just a lucky shot gets in, they panic and draw back instead of playing aggressively like they started to. Tatsumi's use of the rookies in pushing the regular players more worked well in getting their running game going better, but they pull back when things don't go well, but they haven't started to realize that until now. Interestingly, there is a really good conversation that briefly occurs on field where Gino gives Tsubaki some polite choice words about the way he's still watching himself because of the penalties he got in the pre-season game, which is really coloring his play.

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