Sakura Wars - Review: "TV Complete Collection"

Sakura Wars was an anime that I had wanted to see for some time. I read the first volume of the Sakura Taisen manga when Tokyopop began publishing it in 2007, and it the concept was neat enough to make me want to see more, though until now I had not had a chance. Unfortunately, the TV Series which I understand is quite different from the manga does not quite live up to what I had in mind three years ago. It still has potential, and I still liked a lot of it, but there are a few things dragging it down that I just cannot get past.

Sakura Shinguji is the last surviving member of the Shinguji family, and the heir to the spirit energy of her ancestors. As such, she is the designated wielder of the family's Spirit Sword and a prime candidate to fight evil. Her destiny is fully realized when she is called upon by General Yoneda to join the military's secret Flower Division to help prevent a reoccurrence of the Kouma (Demon) War which killed her father and threatened humanity just five years earlier.

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