Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 41 - Review: ''Let's Go Koshien"

Not really a lot of baseball yet, soon enough. Anyways Akane tells Aoba that she was sick most of the time as a child so she feels envious of girls like Aoba that are full of energy stating a major difference between her and Wakaba, who had no weaknesses. Before Aoba can come up with a weakness, Kou suggests her taste in guys. On their 18th birthday, Kou goes to Wakaba's grave where her dad shows up telling him that Aoba told him that he would be at the grave at this time. He asks Kou if he is still buying presents for her, he said he isn't anymore and the dad tells him he shouldn't, that Wakaba would want it that way. That night, the guys are at Akaishi's place and they bring him a cake, except Akaishi insists that it's for Wakaba's. As this is happening, Aoba calls Azuma, which ends up being for Kou and is told that Akane has made a cake for him so he heads for to the cafe. There, he eats the entire cake that Akane made and Aoba also brings out of piece of cake that he paid for a month ahead. He still eats it all, even if that means being overstuffed. Once at home, he puts the slightly expensive earrings in the box of presents for Wakaba. At practice, Kou comments that a sophomore player has improved, in fact the entire grade has improved in the last year. He tells Kou that it's because of Aoba influence. Kou confirms with him that her and Azuma are not dating. The summer prefectural tournament line up is announced and it looks like Seishuu is going up against Daimon's new team, Kurokoma second game and they won't be going up again Ryuou until the final. Aoba surprises Azuma by praising Kou's pitching, even though she claims she's only saying what's true, never praising. That night Akane stays over at the Tsukishima residence and Aoba does not under what Akane and Wakaba see in Kou. Akane tells her that often people can't see their good sides and that Aoba and Kou have the same qualities. The next day Aoba is surprised at how hard working Kou is, not being able to remember if he was this hard working younger. That evening while giving Kou a massage (only because Azuma told her to, she claims) she asks him if he likes Akane. He can only say that her and Wakaba are too similar.

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