Hikaru no Go Episode #60 Review

Similar to the way Hikaru has changed since the start of the series, going back to his family's home and up in the attic to rediscover the Go table has been interesting. Just like Hikaru, you can't be a hundred percent sure that the stain is less, though Sai is definitely sure of it, and to Sai that means there's something definitely in the wind. Hikaru's able to blow it off a fair bit because he doesn't think it's really changed, that it may just be his imagination, but Sai's becoming desperate in tone and action with Hikaru, going so far as to actually call out to him that he's going to disappear soon.

The two have had some defining moments in their relationship recently and this turns into another one, where Hikaru doesn't take into consideration how Sai is feeling. Hikaru does have some justification in saying that Sai has been around for a thousand years so it's unlikely he'll disappear soon, but he's not seeing the signs that Sai is. And Sai may be reading too much into it at times, but we know that his time is definitely growing shorter, it's just that he can't seem to get it across to Hikaru without it turn into an argument or just generally being unheard. After all this time together, it's definitely become a difficult relationship in some ways. Each feels held down by the other to some extent, subconsciously at least, and for a lot of it they both needed each other. But now that Hikaru is really progressing along, Hikaru's growing and changing and wants to do all sorts of things with Go but is still trapped by the presence of Sai when it comes to others.

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