Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "Beginning"

The spring anime season officially started with the premiere of Stan Lee and BONES studio's collaboration project, HEROMAN. The story here follows an orphan boy named Joey Jones, who works part-time at a diner to support himself and his grandmother. Before heading off to school one morning, Joey sees a commercial for a new toy robot called Heybo and wants one, but it's way out of his budget. On his way to school, a wealthy girl named Lina tries to invite him to the cheerleaders dance party, but Joey is clueless and turns her down as usual, thinking there are better guys out there for her. Despite not getting involved with Lina, the mere sight of them together pisses off her older brother Will and his friends, so they take it out on Joey until his friend Psy steps in to chase them off. After school, the same rich bullies wreck a newly bought Heybo and toss it out, so Joey decides to pick it up and spends several days piecing it back together, eventually naming it Heroman.

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