Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 40 - Review: ''Dumbass!"

So I'm a week behind on this so I'll make this quick. Akane is getting comfortable with working at the Four Clover Cafe and quite popular as well. She has people coming in to just see her, including Akaishi, but from the outside. When Aoba goes from the Cafe to the batting center, she notices him and asks why he doesn't go in. He asks her if he can borrow some money. While at the batting center, Aoba sees Kou come in asks if he doesn't have money either. He tells her that's one reason but actually he's here to pick up Akane since she's a little scared since she feels like someone is following her around. When Akane gets off work, she comes with Akaishi and Kou mentions if he was here, he didn't have come pick her up. Akaishi tells him that he's actually going to do a few swings before he goes home. After the couple leaves, Aoba is in doubt of the stalker but then notices someone behind the pole, and then looking like he was actually following her. Next day after school Akane feels like she is being followed again but then looking behind her but sees a cat and believes it was just her imagination. That night Aoba asks Momiji to check out front for unusual people. Momiji mentions a boy hiding at the side of the building. It's actually Kou and he's investigating too since he notices someone in front of Akane's place the night before. He tells Aoba that there's a guy hiding behind the car. Kou is about to go but then Aoba realizes it's the same guy that was following her a few days before. The stalker tells him that he was following her but because she walks fast, carries a bat around sometimes and isn't creeped out by him, he switched. Kou decides to leave since he knows Aoba will take care of it. Akane walks into the batting center to tell Aoba she's leaving but then notices a guy in the batting cage. Aoba informs her that this is the stalker. She's punishing him until he learns his lesson. Ichiyo tells Junpei that she'll marry him if Seishuu goes to Koshien and because of this he becomes a hard ass assistant coach. Later Kou and the boys are told by Ichiyo that she never told him that she WOULDN'T marry him if Seishuu didn't go to Koshien, but tells him to not tell him that. When shopping together, Aoba tells Akane that she was invited to join the women's national team but she's probably going to decline it since Seishuu is her priority. Akane tells Aoba that she should choose the course that she's not going to regret. While Junpei and Aoba are checking out Ryuou, Junpei asks if Aoba likes Yuuhei but after not being able to answer it, Junpei suggests to Aoba to be honest with herself, after which Aoba assures Junpei that they will go to Koshien.

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