Grey's Anatomy - Make Me Lose Control

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Derek's married (still), Richard had brain surgery, Burke broke up with an unbeknownst-to-him pregnant Cristina. Cristina had to designate an emergency contact on a form and named Meredith her Person. And Meredith's mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't even recognize her, but most of the hospital staff think she's just out of town doing something brilliant.

When I re-watched this episode, I realized as soon as I saw Cristina and Meredith jogging that this was in fact the very first episode of Grey's I ever saw. And in re-watching it, it's no wonder it hooked me onto this show. I don't think I need to go into how these Season 2 episodes illustrate the glaring difference in quality between the show in Seasons 1 and 2 as compared to Season 3, not again. We all know, and for these last few classic recaps, I think I just need to accept it and appreciate revisiting these episodes.

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