Hell Girl: Two Mirrors Collection 2 DVD Review

The "Two Mirrors" season of Hell Girl has been a lot of fun so far but the first half of it lacked that underlying storyline that the first season had to help tie it all together. That investigative aspect with the reporter and his child felt a bit forced at times to be sure but it allowed for some continuity to help bring parts of it together in an engaging way. This season hasn't had all that much of it but it's been a lot of fun regardless but they do something a little different towards the end of this set that really improved my overall opinion of the show. While I've definitely liked Hell Girl a lot, the episodic nature of it made it difficult to watch in a half season set. Giving last several episodes a storyline that carries over with and has some import to it is very welcome.

A few episodes here focus on the basic stories where they stand alone as someone is getting a grudge taken care of. Interestingly, there's a greater focus this time around on adults getting involved in this as opposed to a horde of high school students causing murders. It's a welcome change in doing this since the situations have a bit more complexity to them since it doesn't revolve around petty high school situations. Not that we don't get a few of those, such as one where one girl inadvertently slights another that she's been friends with all of their high school lives and that turns her against her enough to want to have her banished to hell. At least when you have corporate theft, the ruining of lives in a real sense among adults, it feels like it all makes more sense and has some actual justifications in reality.

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