Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Ep 10"

Changing his tone from all previous games, Tatsumi actually informs the Nagoya coach that they'll win today, something he hasn't done before. With the things he's done to get the team ready for it and working through some of the personal issues among them, Tatsumi is getting a team capable of working together, with spirit, that can start winning games. Having winnowed out the problems in the first three matches, the fourth league match is the one that will decide just how much he can accomplish going forward as both the fans and the management is watching closely since his honeymoon period is just about up.

The Nagoya team is pretty amusing since they've got three Brazilian players on it, something a lot of other Japanese teams don't, and they're definitely skilled. They're also a bit showy as they do some moves outside for the public to see which enamors them to everyone. It's also different in that they're so full of smiles and happiness, forced or not, as it's a stark contrast to the serious nature of so many other players outside of Gino for example. Nagoya also has one other issue that sticks out like a sore thumb for the ETU and its fans in that the coach of the team, Fuwa, is the former manager for the ETU. With him being considered responsible for dragging down the team, there's a huge psychological pressure there to outshine his team and show him up as to what the team he left can truly do under a good coach.

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