Baka and Test - Season 1 - Episode 7/8 - Review: "Episode 7/8"

The immortal army has been brought to life, but given its experimental nature, the mannequin soldiers don't seem to follow orders from anyone. Ed and the others encounter the mannequins and fight off swarms of them under Central as they tried to make their way towards Father. They're an army of mindless zombies for the most part, but when Scar's arm can't destroy one, they're evidently no walk in the park. For now, Ed manages to seal the exit and the other chimeras have transformed to go all out, but things still don't look so good.

While Ed, Scar, and the others try to hold them at bay and prevent them from pouring out onto the streets, Olivier's got her own hands full with the arrival of Sloth. She evades his attacks for awhile, but is eventually caught in his grasp. In the nick of time, Alex arrives nailing a direct punch to the face knocking Sloth back to save his sister. To compound problems, Heinkel realizes too late that Pride is signaling for help, giving time for Kimblee to arrive and set him loose.

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