Is the chief having another affair with Ellis Grey?

Obviously I don't mean physically. No ghost sex this season. Yay!

Anyway, Meredith packed up her mother's journals and gave them all to the chief. I'm wondering if he's rereading them and reliving them. He did make a strange remark to Derek a few episodes ago about making mistakes, even if they were 20 years ago. I'm wondering if he did something like check back into the hotel long-term so he could store that big box of journals and spend his nights there reading them. Also, the last time he started drinking was because of Ellis.

Kind of unrelated, I keep hoping they'll do a chief-centric episode where he's thinking about Ellis and they do flash-backs with Ellen P. playing Ellis and some other guy playing young Richard (in the first episode, the chief said she was a dead-ringer for her mother).


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