Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 261 - Review: "The Person With The Unknown Ability Orihime Is Targeted"

A girl named Haida Kyouko transfers into Ichigo's class and quickly takes an interest in Inoue. After Kyouko falls during gym class, Inoue is the one who takes her to the infirmary, and along the way, Inoue protects them both from a falling plant by using her powers, confirming Kyouko's suspicions that Inoue is special. This is important to her because she's also got a special ability and has been searching for someone like herself ever since she scared off her best friend at her old school. Inoue, however, feels that they could just be normal friends without regard to their powers. Before Kyouko can respond, her power starts going berserk, and Inoue briefly sees a Zanpakutou appear in her hand. Kyouko ends up running away, and it turns out that her mind is under the influence of a Sword Beast that she had found. It possesses her and returns to her old school to kill her old friend, but Kyouko is able to take back her body long enough to stop it. However, she then completely transforms into the Sword Beast and attacks when Inoue arrives on the scene. Fortunately, Ichigo and Rukia had been on the case as well, and they protect Inoue and fight the Sword Beast. Knowing that Kyouko is suffering inside, Inoue uses her power to separate the two, and Ichigo destroys the Sword Beast half. In the aftermath, Rukia erases the memory of Kyouko's old friend, and Kyouko continues life as Inoue's friend.

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