Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 39 - Review: ''Always"

Akaishi decides to visit his own elementary school and Wakaba describing her Koshien dream. When Kou asks Aoba to teach him new breaking pitches, Kou tells her she can think of it as using his body to get to Koushien. Aoba mentions to Azuma that Junpei has asked Ichiyo to marry him. Azuma reminds her that if this happens, they will be brother/sister-in-laws. He then asks if in-laws are still allowed to marry then Mizuki comes out of nowhere and tells them that they can, as well as cousins and there's a sort of standoff between them for just a second. As this is happening, Hiroko comes by and tells Kou that he has "present". He heads over to where the coach and is given a bike with a tire dragging behind it, this is to build up leg muscles and endurance. Nakanishi comes by and tells him good luck but Hiroko tells him that he has one too, for losing weight. After winning the spring Koushien, reporters ask the Ryou coach what teams he is worried about for summer Koushien and he he denies knowing much about Seishuu even though he ends up correcting the reporters with the information.

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