Grey's Anatomy Review: "Blues For Sister Someone"

They made us wait three weeks for a new episode and another look at "Dr. Vet." (Chris O'Donnell) who's treating Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) dog, "Doc". O'Donnell has finally shed his boy wonder look . I think this might just be his first role playing a grown up where he actually looks like one- and a mighty cute one at that! Once again the sparks are flying between he and Meredith. If only she could stop muttering, put down her knitting needles and cough out a coherent sentence I might start to like her again. Lately Meredith's been bugging me with her really bad hair (I can't stand the wispy wings on the side of her head), her willingness to sleep with anyone who walks by and her idiotic need to tell Derek every last detail of her life no matter how counter productive it may be to the goal of winning him back! At this point, I'm so annoyed by Meredith I'm actually routing for Addison!

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