Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Have a Match with Me!"

After the successful game against the varsity players, nothing has really changed for the Portable's when it comes to how they're placed. Coach Daimon has essentially gone back to ignoring them and has written the whole thing off as a scrimmage with little meaning in total, so he's made no changes in the line-up as he saw nothing worth bringing up to the varsity level for him to utilize. The shortsighted nature of the coach is interesting to watch as he's not able to adjust his plans based on reality but rather sticks to his guns with his original choices come hell or high water. Determination is one thing but flexibility is a pretty important thing as well and the whole scrimmage has painted him in an even worse light now.

Cross Game thankfully takes some time away from the high school level for a bit since we had a couple of episodes dealing with the scrimmage game. What we get is Senda and Ko going to visit Aoba's junior high school, which is where Senda used to play as well, and to check out a game that's being played. It's highly adorable that several of the boys want to go out with Aoba and they try to gain her affections by promising to score a run in the game. Aoba's still not quite to the whole dating thing though, or there's something that she's subconsciously waiting on, but it's amusing to see how much attention she's getting at least from fellow players. You have to wonder whether that translates into the regular classes as well if she's popular with the boys there considering her athletic side and how that can intimidate silly boys.

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