Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Storm and Stress"

Durarara is the kind of show that as it goes along it really keeps upping the ante in surprising ways. The show has worked in a really intriguing layered form since the start as it's explored Ikebukuro and all that entails it as we've gotten to know a fascinating cast of characters. A headless dullahain, high school students, numerous gangs designated by colors and one that's colorless, underground doctors, Russian sushi guys and a couple of very crafty and strong people who manage to make living in the city a challenge for everyone else should they come across each other. Watching how various aspects of it get tied together through the layering approach keeps you on your ties and offers endless surprises.

This episode is no exception as it follows on the revelation in the last episode where Mikado suddenly looks like he's the master of the universe. He ends up following up that moment in this episode by calling out Namie of Yanagiri Pharmaceuticals and confronting her by using the head of Celty (and body) in order to get the information he wants. Information about what's happened to Mika Harima, which has Namie unsure of how to actually deal with him but she does her best to actually bluff him out on it. What she doesn't expect is that Mikado is completely ready for this and has a plan to put into effect that will apply a huge amount of pressure on her. It's a beautiful moment as he stands there and heroically presses send on his cel phone as it looks so comical, but it's followed up by one of the best moments of the series.

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