One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 467 - Review: "I'll Save You Even If I Die - The Battle Be... "

Luffy's style is one that's always been impressive as he just says what he thinks and damn the consequences. So much so that you have to think he doesn't understand what consequences are. Case in point is the opening here where he kicks Crocodile off of his attack against Whitebeard and then stands up to Whitebeard who tells him he doesn't stand a chance in this battle. Luffy has that whole little kid going against the huge guy thing going here with it, but Luffy's attitude is spot on and not only does it impress everyone who sees what's going on, but even Whitebeard manages to give him a little space over it as Luffy digs in his heels even more. Luffy's reputation has certainly grown and literally falling right into the middle of this only cements it even more.

Considering what Luffy has faced in Impel Down, it's definitely different here but it's still similar in a lot of ways as he barrels through the Navy forces. And his minor victories in pushing away the rabble is pretty infectious as it rallies the rest of the pirates that are watching on with all of this. Similar to the last few episodes of battle, we get a lot of action here with the various ultra-powered members of both sides getting involved, but there's a bit more to it this time with Luffy's crew here. What continues to amuse the most though is the way Captain Buggy becomes even more popular among the crew through inadvertent means as everyone views his actions through hugely rose-colored lenses. He's pretty much crapping his pants often enough, but the way he moves and the situations he ends up in has him being praised for his bravery and intent.

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