Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 16 - Review: "Decision"

Having the President learn that in your attempt to take down the unknown being name Heroman, you've taken over American military assets and pushed out the highly placed NIA operative you put in charge of everything, well, that's not going to earn you any long term friendships or alliances, unless of course you can bring some political capital to it in the long run. Dr. Minami's attacks against Heroman for shaming him in not being able to defeat the Skrugg has really pushed him over the edge a bit and he's moving easily into the mad scientist realm. He does have the outfit and the visual design for it down pat already.

Minami's fight against Heroman with his MR-1 robot has Joey trying to figure out the best way to take it down safely and is coming up with some halfway decent ideas, even as Heroman is getting a bit of a thrashing. That says a lot considering how much Joey and Heroman got through with the Skrugg. Minami's intent on finishing this battle out to prove his superiority and he's not letting anyone interfere with it, including Hughes and those that he's commandeered to work with him now that he's made some sort of agreement with Joey to figure everything out. It's here that Minami goes over the edge though as he actively fires on US military personnel with the intent to get them out of the way, something that's going to make it very difficult for him going forward. Especially since it's all being broadcast on cable news.

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