Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 13 - Review: "Ep 13"

Watching the frustrations of the Nagoya team is rather amusing since there are some strong internal schisms going on there affecting everything. With the Japanese forward Itagaki not getting passed to as the Brazilian born players are essentially playing an offensive game by themselves, there's a lot of anger and tension being brought into play now that the ETU is starting a strong offensive of their own. With the amount of raised voices and finger pointing going on, it's not a pleasant place to be. Fortunately for the Brazilians, they don't speak Japanese and just look on at it, though they obvious get the gist of it.

Watching the game play out as the ETU gets a fair bit of wind under its sails is really a lot of fun. Everyone is slowly coming together as a team and with Tsubaki as a focus for the moment it has the energy of youth combined with the skill and experience of the veteran players who are working with him. Gino and Murakoshi want the team to win and as much as Gino is flashy about things, he's not doing it just to attract attention to himself. And he has no problem in turning over the glory to someone else as so much attention is suddenly focused on Tsubaki as he's finally started to unleash his true potential now that he's seeing the field as something else entirely. Thankfully, that doesn't mean he's suddenly a massively gifted player and still makes mistakes, mistakes that the veterans are able to work with to help lead the team further towards victory.

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