Kimi Ni Todoke Review

Since I'm super behind, no pictures for a bit. We left off with Kazehaya and Sawako heading to the Shrine for the New Years celebration. They walk in silence with neither being able to talk to each other. They finally talk when Sawako almost falls down the stairs at the shrine. Just as they're able to keep going, Chizuru calls Kazehaya (where Chizuru, Ayane and Ryu are watching the couple from a distance). She apologizes for not any of them being able to come along. Kazehaya and Sawako get amazake together and though Kazehaya admits he's never liked drinking it before, he does this time because Sawako does. She's excited she saw Kazehaya's first time at something, but then Kazehaya tells her she's seen a lot of first times already (like going to the shrine with a girl, and wearing the stomach band he got from Sawako for Christmas). They exchange phone emails and Kazehaya realizes Sawako's birthday is that day. Kazehaya asks about Sawako's childhood and although she tells him it's nothing exciting he still wants to hear it. As she talks about her childhood, she realizes she's always been alone, until she met Kazehaya. Sawako tells Kazehaya that she'll try harder to get more people to like her, but Kazehaya tells her that people already do like her. They get to the shrine and pick out their fortunes. Sawako is distressed over her Bad Luck slip, as opposed to Kazehaya's "Very Good Luck". She reads the part pertaining about her relationships and it states the person she's with is the one she likes. Because Sawako feels bad, Kazehaya gives her his slip, telling her he has enough good luck. They start to head home, taking the path she walks to school. Kazehaya mentions that this is where they met for the first time and Sawako is surprised that he actually remembers, meanwhile thinking the same thing. As they continue walking both realize how much they like each other, but not acting on it. Kazehaya drops her off at home, and they part.

That's it for the first season! Hopefully they'll come up with more soon!

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