Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Climbing Mt. Kagero"

While Cobra took a welcome break with a standalone episode last week, this week opens us up again to a multi-episode story that already has me concerned. The first story arc felt a bit too long at four episodes as three would have tightened it all up considerably while the standalone episode was spot on in providing a good quick hit of entertainment. With this new arc, it's already one that feels like it should be a single episode, never mind however many it may actually run. Much of what makes up this episode is overly drawn out, though there are some nice action moments with a large cast of stereotypes.

The premise is painfully simple as some years ago, a ship carrying twenty tons of solid gold ran into a problem during its flight and crashed into Mt. Kagero. What makes this problematic is that the mountain only appears every ten years and isn't always visible to everyone. Add in the sheer amount of snow and general wintery conditions around it and approaching the place is a considerable challenge. Eight people under assumed names and occupations have headed there only to become holed up in a cabin while hoping that the storm dies down before the mountain appears. It's into this motley group that Cobra wanders in under the name of Johnson and immediately rattles everyone with his style and demeanor - as well as listing off all their real names and what criminal acts they're known for.

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