Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 24 - Review: "Ep 24"

Sibling rivalry is never a pleasant thing but sometimes it has its beauty, especially as you have the recently introduced brother to Luka taking him on in battle. Luze and Luka have their issues stemming from the past and pitting them against each other has its appeal as two rather beautiful men look all aggressive and angry as they wield their swords against each other. Sadly, like much of Uraboku, the fight gets interrupted and ends up being too short as Takashiro teleports himself into the scene to try and change the flow of things when it comes to what's happening to Yuki. While Luka and Luze's fight does continue, the shift in the dynamic does impact it as watching Reiga and Takashiro are far more interesting to watch with their intensity, history and power levels.

Unfortunately, like so much of the show, it all plays out far too short in general. Action sequences come to a premature completion, leaving you feeling unsatisfied for something so epic. When Yuki is drawn into releasing his full ability, it's a moment of intrigue to be certain, but it's almost a throwaway piece as it's over relatively quickly and then it's shuffling everyone off to recover from the action. And that means the entire second half of the last episode is basically full of epilogue. The buildup for the finale had its moments, combined with all the lengthy history we've learned about the Giou clan and various roles within of many of its members in the Twilight Mansion and the Primary Residence. But at the conclusion, even taking into account that it's the characters that really make it all as good as it could be, everyone feels like they got shortchanged of a proper moment to really define themselves by their actions.

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