Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 38 - Review: ''It's His First Date"

Akaishi sets up a date for Kou and Akane, to go see Kabuki. Akaishi lies to Akane that Kou likes Kabuki to see her smile. Now Kou has learn the basics behind Kabuki so at least he knows what he's getting into. On his way to the hospital, Daimon drives up beside Azuma. Daimon tells him that Ryuou's glory days are over. Azuma agrees but tells him it's Seishu's time then tells him that he's blocking traffic and should just go away. Kou is frustrated learning Kabuki but every time he sees Akane's face, he just can't give up on it. On the day of the date, Kou gives Azuma a glove maintenance kit for him to give to Aoba. Azuma then asks Kou if he should tell Aoba about the date. Kou tells him that there's nothing to hide but there's no need in telling her either. When he gets to the hospital, Aoba already knows about date with Akane. He tells Azuma that it's his first date since Wakaba. Then Azuma gives Aoba the maintenance kit and Aoba mentions to him that unlike the mediocre Kou, Azuma knows exactly what she wants. Azuma mumbles to himself the same thing that Kou said about the date. What a sneaky dude, trying to get points with Aoba. Aoba has no idea what he's talking about though. As Kou and Akane leaves the theatre (I guess), Akane asked what he thought about it, obviously meaning the play, but Kou answered that it tasted good. Then he asked if it was about the food they hate, Akane just smiles and tells him it was about the food. Later in the evening, Kou goes to Akaishi's to visit. He tells Akaishi after Kabuki, they went to her elementary and middle schools. Akaishi shows Kou his prized possession, a sheet of paper that says "Ganbare". Aoba is discharged before the new year as Kou becomes a senior and Momji enters junior high. After Aoba is discharged Azuma is back in his game, hitting balls over the fence. Akane gives Kou a cell phone charm of Akaishi to give to Akaishi. Later, Akane gives one of Kou to him but Kou decides to keep it a secret from Akaishi.

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