Grey's Anatomy - Hidin' and Seekin'

Previously on If the Trailer's a Rockin', Two Doctor's are Doin' the Nasty on the World's Smallest Bed: George got a date, Cristina scheduled an appointment at the local abortion clinic, and Meredith learned Derek's favorite color and they scampered off to make sweet trailer park love in Derek's Silver Bullet on a hill.

As Meredith's VO talks about how secrets can't hide in science and medicine has a way of exposing the lies, we follow a trail of discarded clothes along the floor until they lead us to a pair of hairy, naked legs. The naughty bits at the top of the legs are hidden by a big-ass book entitled, "Rashes, Hives, and Skin Eruptions." Mmmm. Excellent book. Number two for three weeks running on the New York Times bestsellers list! I keep it next to my bed. For those nights when I just really, really, REALLY need a good nightmare filled with pulsating ass boils and scaly, rash-covered genitals.

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