Bleach Episode #291 Anime Review

The transformation, or Hollowfication, of Tosen in the previous episode was the culmination of a decent if slightly hard to believe life lead as a lie for awhile since becoming a part of the Soul Society's upper ranks. While the storyline was alright and his motivations made a sort of basic sense without any real emotion or weight behind it, it went over the hill a bit with the actual transformation in which he looks so completely goofy, complete with what appears to be an earring, that it's more comical than anything else. It was a creepy transformation when it happened, but now in the fullness of the day, it's just sort of there and looks rather bad the longer you look at it.

Tosen's transformation has given him something he's wanted for some time in that he now has the ability to see. That makes things a bit more of a challenge for Komamura, or at least you'd think so, but Tosen has spent so long honing his skills without sight that it's easier to believe he'd have a harder time adapting to sight again and fighting now that everything is different. Komamura still has a difficult time accepting what's happening here, and it's easy to understand his point of view that gaining sight has cost Tosen his heart. Komamura's psychological approach to dealing with Tosen is a natural plan, one that makes sense, and essentially fills out the episode a fair bit. While the core idea of it all is good, it suffers from something that a lot of shounen shows do in that they draw things out a bit too much and spend too much time talking it through rather than just doing it, intensely, and letting the actions stand.

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