Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #37-40 Review

The lead-up to World War II has some interesting moments as we see here as Russia and Germany are becoming friends and Russia's coming over for a visit. Germany's trying to get his house in order to little effect while mostly trying to make sure they have some vodka on hand for their guest. Russia on the other hand is spending all his time trying to figure out the best outfit to wear for it and agonizing over it. All of this plays out as Italy overhears that his allies are intending to leave him out of something so he's panicking over that, especially as his older brother sagely says that it's a wise thing to do in war in order to win. Italy's meekness only continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The bond between Italy and Germany is what's strengthened by this idea of Russia visiting as Italy writes a letter to Germany that only he can understand which is pretty significant in and of itself. The words that Italy sent him do have an impact and he sets out to make sure that Italy understands just how strong their relationship is by creating a pact together in the early days of 1939. Amusingly enough, it's a pact that's essentially signed in the form of a pinky swear over eating some really good sausage that Germany had made for him. The two have so many cute moments together with their very different personalities and approaches to things that it just makes me smile over and over.

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