Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 37 - Review: ''Only Because I Had a Good Nap"

Azuma attends the hospital every day after Aoba is hospitalized. For the first little while, Aoba stops watching baseball on TV all together, which bothers Azuma. There's a moment with Nakanishi and Kou where they're about how with Azuma going to the hospital every day it might start something and Mizuki snaps back and yells at them saying that it could have hit her in the face, she's a girl (which was a weird comment). Perhaps the best moment was Junpei proposing to Ichiyo but the cheesiest way possible. Eventually he asks her straight up and she accepts, but with one exception, which she was going to inform him at a later time. One day, Kou decides to go to the hospital because he claims it's about the time Aoba gets fidgety. He gets to the hospital and she's asleep so he decides to wait for her until she wakes up but he falls asleep herself. Aoba eventually wakes up and sees Kou and then sees the glove and ball. She eventually wakes him up by throwing the ball at his head. He heads home and after the nurse comes in to check up on her and comments how she looks more relieved than before. She tells her it's probably only because she had a good nap. Azuma comes back the next day and sees Aoba watching baseball.

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