One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 440 - Review: "Believe in Miracles! Bon Clay's Cries From the Heart"

The last episode of One Piece was a really difficult one to get through where I really had to wonder if they were serious with the character of Ivankov. As bad as he is for most of it, what really killed the episode was that it was almost all about dancing and frivolity for twenty minutes. There was precious little plot or real revelation outside of seeing Ivankov using his ability which in turn caused Bon Clay to really hope for a miracle for Luffy. Seeing Luffy undergoing the treatment lifted his spirits until he realized the depths of what's involved with the treatment. The real meat of the episode took up maybe a minute or two though and that left everything else to be really bad. Bad, bad, bad.

This episode deals with Luffy in the background again for the most part as he continues to undergo the treatment. That leaves Bon Clay to try and understand what's going on with New Kama Land as he has a sit down with Ivankov about things. Bon Clay's understanding definitely grows as it's revealed how this place works with how they acquire goods and the various secret entrances that are scattered about the prison. It's an intriguing idea with the whole of level 5.5 being portrayed as an ant hill of sorts where it's continually dug out and more added to it by the people who have found their way here. We also learn that there's actually a Level 6 where the worst of the worst are kept, the most villainous of villains. These are the people who have done things where the crimes must be covered up because of the cruelty of them or they may embarrass a particular government. One example that's given is the former Jail Manager of Impel Down, a man named Shiryu, who indiscriminately began killing prisoners at one point so Magellan had to put him away.

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