Cobra The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Demonic Entity of the Temple "

The slated twelve episode series hits its final broadcast episode here as the gang ends up heading deep into the temple when the plan goes horribly awry. With the group now having King as part of their party, along with his friend Ellis, they've figured out the best way to investigate the temple by having Ellis transform into her fairy mode and slip inside and look around. It doesn't take long for her to get captured though and that sends King right over the edge and he flies off to get her before she ends up in more danger. Of course, he does this with no thought to himself or the others in the group which causes all of them outside of Queen to hop on the frogs, the Partisans, to follow after him and help since he's obviously going to get captured.

Most of the episode involves the time inside the temple as Cobra and the others do their best to rescue them and figure out what's going on. The idea of finding the hidden underground waterway from the temple to Shiva Castle is certainly a sound one but it becomes a much more tense operation because of what happened to Ellis and then King. Those tensions rise when they find the area that requires a human sacrifice and Cobra is really the only human of the group there and he certainly has no intention of being sacrificed, virgin or not. Others don't have quite the same problem with it but in the end it's just going to unleash more bloodshed as a rather surprising critter rises from the darkness from all of this, something that the head priest hinted at, which in turn makes for the entire temple adventure rather dangerous.

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