Rainbow Episode #15 Anime Review

Rainbow certainly faces an interesting challenge at this point in the series as the boys lives have changed dramatically from the start and they've been moving on after having their revenge on Sasaki. They've grown older as well as time has passed and are becoming real young men as opposed to boys that got in trouble and were paying the price. For Mario in particular, he's becoming more and more like Sakuragi, something that Setsuko has realized, and while that could complicate things, it's a positive for Mario as Sakuragi has given him the best gift by showing him how to be a good, strong and proud man that does the right thing by people.

Mario's life is not going smoothly though, much as he wants it to be. He's working well at a local bar doing clean-up there and seemingly enjoying the work since it gives him a sense of accomplishment. He's earned the friendship of the owner as well which is good and shows that he's made inroads to being a good citizen. Where the trouble lies is in that Setsuko is caught up in a marriage proposal made to her that fits in with the times and Mario is unaware of it. Joe catches wind of it in an awkward situation and when he goes to talk to Mario, he stumbles upon the bar in a bit of trouble at one of the patrons has decided to get rowdy. Not a big issue in itself, but with Mario involved and his being on the run from the law still, it can lead to a really bad situation for him.

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