Asobi ni Ikuyo - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "A Cat Falls to Earth"

Wait a moment here, I thought we were getting alien catgirls? This whole entire opening scene looks like something from Full Metal Panic, and I'm not talking about the comedy school bits. We have shadowy organizations, and super black-ops outfits talking about stuff that I have no idea about, in the background a TV broadcast says that there's some kind of strange message that has been broadcast to the Earth, a simple single phrase: "Let's Play!"

In a stormy sea, a naval vessel of some sort is tracking a small and suspicious boat. Drug runners? Illegal arms merchants? Pirates? We have no idea. But they are heavily armed, and even start firing rockets at the naval vessel. At which point the little girl who looked like she was miles away, watching everything by satellite uplink gets into what can only be described as a high-tech exoskeleton mecha suit, suddenly emerges from out of the naval vessel, and then gives a complete beat down on the terrorists? criminals? who are in the suspicious boat. As it turns out, there are both illegal weapons and drugs on the boat, so perhaps we have a little of both here, criminals and terrorists. Where are my cute alien catgirls?

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