Cross Grame - Season 1 - Episode 36 - Review: ''To Girl's Baseball!?"

This episode was all about Aoba. She decides try out for the women's national team She meets up with the girls from Satomi Girl's school. Of course the girls from Ouka are there as well, in fact the coaches from Ouka are the judges for the tryout. There's also girls that apparently stood out in the spring tournament that Satomi won, girls who they had struggle overcoming. One being Shimano's (from Ryuou) cousin (I think). Not only does he have the same personality, her skills are up there as well. Aoba is given "18" for her number. This is significant for her since that's the last number that is benched for Koushien. Anyways, most of them pass the initial test but then Shimano tells the coach that they should test their skills in real time, so pitchers vs batters. This happens and Aoba ends up with her. After a bunch of them go, it's their turn now. Aoba is now taken back by her, in part that she doesn't really know who she is and also, she's never scared (only to comment Shimano's scary face). She ends up striking her out since you know Aoba can pitch 130 km/h and there aren't many girls in high school who can pitch that fast. The end result is everyone except Satomi's pitcher doesn't pass the first round. The episode ends with Aoba and Azuma just practicing when all of a sudden Aoba is hit by Azuma's ball and is down, despite Kou's recommendation to putting up a cage. We finally get to see Azuma's soft side!

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