Dragon Ball Kai - Season 1 - Episode 47 - Review: "Episode 45/46/47"

Okay so, slept on this show for a couple of weeks so here the super condensed version of the three episodes. Ginyu, in Bulma's body tries to steal Piccolo's body but at the last second, Gohan throws the frog (Bulma) at the last second, putting Bulma back in her own body. Meanwhile, Goku is being beat on by Frieza. Goku contemplates using 20X Kaioken but doesn't know if his body can handle it. Frieza eventually gets Goku kept underwater drowning him. He's pretty much done for until he thinks of all the people living on Earth and realizes he doesn't want any of them to die so as a result, he uses 20x Kaiken with a massive Kamehameha against Frieza. It's not able to defeat Frieza and now Goku has used too much energy and doesn't have much left. However he sees a vision of Vegeta and Bardock, and Vegeta telling him to keep the pride of the Saiyans, he's realizes he only has one chance. He decides to use the Genki Dama. The only problem is this takes a long time so he starts collecting the energy in front of Frieza without him realizing what he's doing. Eventually he finds out but Piccolo comes to take his mind off the Genki Dama. Frieza is too much for Piccolo and at one point, he's about to get killed but Gohan and Krillin distract him enough to turn away from Piccolo. Frieza decides to blow the entire planet up but forgets that Goku been creating a Genki Dama all this time. It's now complete and Goku aims it straight for him. Frieza is able to catch it but couldn't stop it from exploding on him. Goku, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo believe they have won the battle but then Krillin sees a bad damaged but alive Frieza emerge from the water. He tries to kill Goku but instead Piccolo moves him out of the way, as a result hitting Piccolo. Goku tells Krillin and Gohan to take Piccolo, pick up Bulma and return to Earth. Frieza won't let that happen so instead he picks up Krillin up in the air and makes him explode. This is the last straw for Goku resulting in getting an emotion from Goku that's never been there before, anger. This results in Goku becoming the long awaited Super Saiyan. Goku tells Gohan to take Piccolo and start heading home. What Goku is going to do next, we all know but we'll wait for that until Sunday!

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