Giant Killing Episode #20 Review

The game against Osaka has had a fair bit of build-up in the last episode and the audience come to watch it is pretty diverse as well. While the ETU has been run pretty hard by Tatsumi, some of the best moments came in the more personal face-offs such as his moment with the Osaka coach, or the way Blanc is secretly watching from behind the pillar as the two coaches spar verbally through a translator. Giant Killing excels at its actual game moments with the way they play and the way they animate it, but I also love the little quiet character moments like that in which they tend to get even more defined and refined from their big game moments.

Depending on how the pacing goes in the next episode, this game is set to go for a couple of episodes at least and that's not necessarily a bad thing. As we see in the first half of this episode, there's a lot of fun in watching how each of the sides size each other up. Kuroda and the Osaka player Hauer in particular are a lot of fun to watch since neither can truly communicate clearly, but they're getting their points across as they're practically fighting and challenging each other over different things. It's even more fun since Tatsumi has Kuroda covering him when Hauer is a good twenty centimeters taller than him, something that you normally try to avoid. It just serves to get Kuroda even more pumped and let his aggressive attitude out in a properly channeled way.

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