Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 Part 1 DVD Review

Yes, I am one of those guys who tried my hardest to avoid watching Dragon Ball Z. Like other shonen series, I avoided this because it would take forever to watch it. With the plethora of anime out there, I didn’t want to feel tied down to completing a really long series. Then I had a revelation… If I am reviewing One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, don’t I owe it to myself to watch the granddaddy that started it all? My prayers were answered when Dragon Ball Z Kai came out. A condensed version of the original 291 episodes can now be had for the mere price of around 99 episodes. According to statements made by Happinet, the Japanese company releasing the series, they plan to release around 99 episodes. This number could change somewhat as the production for these episodes are still ongoing. Anyhow, condensing this down to the bare essentials of Dragon Ball Z should be enticing enough for anyone who has any interest in watching it from the beginning without investing an immense amount of time.

Whenever something is condensed, there will have to be edits and you will see plenty of edits throughout this new adaptation. You will immediately recognize this since the very first episode in this collection rapidly summarizes Goku’s background. Essentially, you get a recap of the original series and an introduction to an adult Goku. He is married to Chichi and has a four year old son Gohan. Also included, is a quick overview of Goku’s birth and how his planet died as he was sent hurtling towards Earth. In addition, we also learn about the attack by Frieza and the death of Goku's father. There’s a lot to take in as the first few episodes throw a lot at you.

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