Black Butler II Episode #02 Review

With the new cast of this series making its debut in the previous episode and an appearance by some from the original, the first episode of Black Butler II certainly kept me fairly intrigued. Having no reference to the first series, it wasn't something that I latched onto right away but what I did get from the episode prior to that was a lot of fun as we got to see Alois toying with everyone around him as he teeters on pure psychotic and as Claude protects him with the cold calmness of someone who means absolute business. I liked the style of it a lot and found that while elements of it didn't make sense, it was something that told me to come back to see more because I'm not sure of another show in recent memory that played out like this.

The focus of this episode is on Ciel and Sebastian as they attend a party where his apparent fiancee Elizabeth is. Like Ciel, she's young though she acts far more childish at times. Her latest whim is that she wants to on a search for the legendary white stag, which Sebastian details as a creature that is considered to be a portent from the netherworld so they're things that people are in awe of but also worry about. Elizabeth just wants to see it though and to spend time with Ciel, so it's an adventure down the river for the two of them. Sebastian does bring up that there may be something more to all of this with someone who has an issue with Ciel but it isn't anything that will stand in the way of Ciel pleasing his fiancee.

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