Grey's Anatomy - Life is hard. Let's go get a slushie.

Previously on Tu-Tu-Tumor, Good-bye: Everyone spent the whole episode putting off tasks they didn't want to complete, so that meant that George never asked Meredith out; the tumor lady finally had her tumor removed ,but it was too late because the tumor was bigger than my dream house on the shores of Lake Como, Italy; and Meredith avoided McDreamy until she couldn't avoid him anymore and then she tossed some wine down his throat and they made sweet love while the ferryboats swam by. I might be projecting that last part.

We open on a naked Mere, dozing in bed as her alarm goes off. Her voiceover says, "Okay, whoever said 'you can sleep when you die' needs to come talk to me after a few months as an intern." She turns and runs her hand across her very hairy leg. Oh, wait. That's McDreamy's leg. Guess the wine + ferryboats did the trick, huh? She tells him they have to get up and they roll around sleepily as she says she has pre-rounds, and he has to leave before Izzie and George see him. Derek good-naturedly wrestles with her as he asks why they can't see him and they giggle and generally avoid getting out of bed.

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