Sketchbook full color's - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Ao's Concern"

The leisurely lifestyle continues in this slice of life series that's almost a little too slow for my tastes, which is saying a lot considering some series that I've seen over the years that are of a similar nature. The second episode didn't do much to inspire confidence in the show that I liked it well enough overall but it lacked something to make me really connect with the characters. The main issue that keeps coming back is that because of Sora's quirky nature, she's not one you can easily get all that interested in as a character because she's so disconnected from the real world in a way.

This episode has a pretty good split to it with the first half dealing with Sora at home with her younger brother Ao. She's waiting on Natsumi and Hazuki to arrive so they can get into their yukata's for the festival and fireworks that they want to go and see. This is a good window into the home life of Sora as we see that she's just as she is when at school and elsewhere. What I really liked is the way Ao wonders how she manages out in the world and what kind of friends she might have because of the way she moves to the beat of a very different drummer. The smallest things continue to fascinate Sora and she has this very strangely connected/disconnected way about her that's almost off-putting. It's like she hasn't grown up at all and moved into the real world as she sees so many things as if through the eyes of a child.

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