Rainbow Episode #08 Review

The torture that Sakuragi is being put through in order to protect the doctor's secrets is certainly a brutal thing, especially now that they're engaging in a water torture that lowers his body temperature slowly and kills him in the end. Sakuragi has held out for so long against such bad odds that it's impressive that he's still as strong as he is, but there's only so much he can handle. The guys from his cell know this now that they've figured out exactly what's going on and Scam has figured out a plan that will help save him. But they have to sacrifice some of themselves in order to do it.

It's a fairly straightforward plan of getting the keys from someone who isn't a guard, freeing the rest of them and then getting Sakuragi free. There's a lot of peril there but even more so when it comes to actually escaping from the reformatory with him since he's in such bad shape. One of the hardest parts before that is for Joe who is the one that will get the key since he can get it from the doctor on duty that night. Which is Sasaki, and that means offering up his body for him so he can get it out of him after a few drinks. This leads to a rather disturbing sequence but one where it sets Sasaki aflame when he finally gets around to going after the escapees.

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