Guyver Complete Series Blu-ray Review

My history with Guyver isn't a clean one, though this is the series that repaired the problems I had with it. Way back in the early days of domestic anime releases, Guyver was one of the more popular properties to be brought over as we had about half of the TV series at best and an OVA that was made. It was all good violence and felt pretty representative of the 80's manga that it was based on. It never got completed properly and it wasn't the kind of anime show I was looking for at the time, though I was gobbling up anything and everything I could get my hands on. The OVA in particular, unrelated to the TV series production, left me feeling like the property wasn't for me so I ignored Guyver for years and years.

After being off the radar for basically a decade or so, a new series was launched in 2005 and has changed hands in the US, finally ending here in this new Blu-ray edition. Thanfkully, it's not a sequel or a prequel or a strange offshoot or even a re-imagining. It's gone back to the source material and has adapted it anew in order to tell the whole story. While I doubt this adapts the twenty-four volumes that are out, it'll certainly do more than the few episodes that were released the first time and potentially more than the seven translated volumes of the manga. This new updated version manages to retain a good deal of the designs and general nature of the original but it does tweak things slightly so that it doesn't have an eighties feel to it outside of the Guyver design itself. And even that isn't too terribly indicative of when it was made.

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