Hanamaru Kindergarten - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "A Hanamaru Wife/A Hanamaru Story"

The split story method of Hanamaru Kindergarten is put off for this episode as they don't do specific gag kind of stories. What we get is a full length piece that has a different flow and flavor compared to previous ones but is still essentially the same thing. It's a little more of romance/drama piece with humor elements than the kind of comedy we usually get but it works well in being able to set things up a little more for the season finale in the next episode. Tsuchida has been the central character from the start but it's here that he gets essentially an entire episode to himself so that he can cement who he is and what he wants.

The initial gag, which is pretty mellow and relaxed as we watch Tsuchida relax as the rain falls outside his apartment, is that he's gotten himself sick and a bit rundown, though he's still well enough to go to the school apparently. When the kids learn that he's feeling under the weather, Anzu shows up at his apartment to help him with his chores, doing the laundry and making him dinner. She even has an adorable moment where she explains that she's a commuter wife. To make matters worse for Tsuchida, she ends up sleeping over since Sakura can't come and get her due to work things and that means the two spend the night together. Entirely innocent but to hear Anzu tell the story it's much more suggestive, at least as suggestive as a kindergartner can make it.

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