Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 35 - Review: ''February 14th"

Yes! It finally happened! Azuma's cool confession to Aoba. His "you're the only person I would consider dating moment". Not a whole lot else in this episode. Seishuu don't make it in the spring tournament so they have to focus for the summer one. On Valentine's Day, Kou and Akaishi ask (teasingly) Azuma if there's any girls he would consider dating, among the girls he got Valentine's Day chocolate from. He responds with, "Didn't I say the only girl I would consider dating is Tsukishima Aoba?" Oh I guess I didn't. Also Aoba sees Kou on the way home from school. She starts teasing him and asking him how much chocolate he got and with all the commotion they end up throwing it over and it falls into a truck. So Aoba has to buy the 4 Valentine's Day chocolate that Kou got from a convenient store. She ends up buying another one, asking Kou to give one to Azuma. Akane sees them at the store as well and they all start walking back. After Aoba tells Kou to give the piece of chocolate to Azuma, she runs off. Later, Akane comes over to Kou to look at pictures of Wakaba. To give them space, Azuma decides to go to the batting center to see Aoba. Akaishi is showing pictures of Akane when she was young, getting photos from someone that went to the same elementary school as her. As Akaishi senses it's time to leave, he decides to the batting cage and Ichiyo decides to give her chocolate to Junpei. There's a brief moment with Aoba and Azuma, which is pretty awesome and then when Mizuki comes into finally give his cake to Aoba, she leaves to go the batting cage. When he opens it though, it's mostly eaten, all thanks to Momiji. The episode ends with Akane leaving Kou's place, and before heading home, gives him chocolate.

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