Grey's Anatomy: Sometimes a Fantasy

After a restful night's sleep Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) begins her day snuggled up in bed with Finn (Chris O'Donnell) to her left and and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to her right. Both are nuzzling into her neck and greeting her with "good mornings" and huge smirks on their faces. But the biggest smile is reserved for Meredith, who's imagination has congered up this unlikely scenario. You see, Finn and Derek are NOT in her bed, but rather in her head. It seems Meredith has sex on the brain and she's anxious to get it on with one or both of her boy toys. Now, while I give a thumbs up to the female threesome fantasy, this scene was a bit awkward. It reminded me of the shower fantasy scene from last season's premier. There's a bit of a cringe factor that comes into play when I think of these great actors having to resort to these silly tactics in order to pander to their audience. I kept thinking of Patrick Dempsey, Chris O'Donnell and Ellen Pompeo yucking it up between takes and then asking themselves, "will the viewers still respect us in the morning?" Fortunately, just as this threesome was about to get down to business, Meredith was awakened by George (T.R. Knight) banging around in the hallway. And so another day with our favorite interns begins.

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