Cobra the Animation: The Psychogun - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "The Key of Shiva"

My experiences with the Cobra franchise aren't the most extensive, as I've seen the original movie but have far more recollection of the music video from Matthew Sweet, "Girlfriend", in which he used clips from that movie. The original manga started back in 1978 and ran for several years, spawned the movie as well as a TV show, before hitting up various mini restarts in the years following. This series, Psychogun, is adapted from the manga done by original creator Buichi Terasawa back in 2005.

The Psychogun OVA series kicks off with very little in the way of a real introduction to the franchise, There's a nice moment early on when a few bounty hunters of sorts look at various wanted posters and talk about their past bounties, but when it gets to the long blonde haired man named Cobra, we learn that he hasn't been seen in three years. As it turns out, he doesn't look much like that anymore as he's got his more traditional short hair cut, but he waltzes right where these guys are and puts them in their place hard. Cobra's a man with a rare weapon called the psychogun, a weapon that he has to remove half of left arm in order to use. What makes it unique is that when the energy beams are shot, he can control their path as well as splitting a beam into multiple smaller beams.

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